Used Motorcycle Tips

We are excited to offer many different used motorcycles for sale, such as our used Harley Sportster in Chicago. However, if you are in the market for a used bike, make sure you are purchasing one for a fair price and avoid bikes that will need more maintenance than they are worth. Here are some tips to follow when searching for your next motorcycle purchase.

Check The VIN

Check the VIN numbers to make sure that they were not re-stamped. Believe it or not, but Harley-Davidsons have a high theft rate, so make sure you know what re-stamped VIN numbers look like. Make sure you are also buying from a credited company, such as CCM Rides, so you don’t have to worry about buying a faulty bike in the first place.

Examine The Bike Cold

Once a bike cools down from usage, feel the jugs and pipes to make sure that the bike is ice cold. If you try to start the bike and it sounds like rocks in a blender in the first minute, you may have some issues.

Examine The Bike Features

Check if the levers are in good shape, meaning they don’t “curl” or they weren’t reshaped after the bike hit the pavement. Aftermarket lever and pegs are a clue that the motorcycle has once been in a crash. Inquire about this with the seller. Check for other damage such as cracked pol pans, busted fins, or tweaked handlebars. These will all cost money to fix so try to avoid bikes with these issues.

Pop The Seat

Make sure you take the time to look at the wiring and what is hooked up to the battery. Factory connectors are ideal, but if you see things like a GPS, fog lights, or other power leads hanging off the bike, you may have an issue.

Test Ride

Consider taking the bike for a test ride before you decide to go through with the purchase. Safety-check the bike, especially those that have not been ridden for a while.

We look forward to helping you find your next bike, especially our used Harley Sportsters in Chicago. If you have any questions about owning a used bike, don’t hesitate to ask us. Make sure the motorcycle you choose to look into is right for you and you are investing the right care into it. We want you to have a bike that will last you years to come.

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