Best In Class: Harley Road Glide

Best In Class: Harley Road Glide

Harley Davidson’s showroom doors have been open since 1903, and in that time they’ve produced a lot of fantastic bikes. Harley has become synonymous with motorcycles and for good reason. But that doesn’t mean all Harley Davidsons were created equal.

One model that stands a cut above the rest is the Harley Road Glide. This touring bike delights its owners around the world with exceptional performance. It’s why so many people want a used Harley Road Glide in Chicago. Chicago Cycle Motorsports has bikes in our blood. We know what features make a bike top-of-the-line.

Here’s what makes the Harley Road Glide stand out.

A Tradition of Touring

The Road Glide fits in well with Harley Davidson’s history of creating fantastic touring bikes. The Road Glide in particular has a low center of gravity and handles extremely well thanks in part to its frame-mounted fairing. Harley Davidson is committed to constantly upgrading its great design and this certainly comes through with the Road Glide model.


The bike is known for its unique shark nose look that attracts many people. The Road Glide is available with a chrome finish or a blacked-out trim that is a customer favorite. All in all, Road Glides are a beautiful heavy duty bike that seems to last forever.


Part of the genius of the Road Glide series is the supreme ability to customize. The reality is that no two bikes really need to be the same. The seat, wheels, mufflers can all be customized to your unique desires. You’ll have the joy of knowing your bike is truly yours.

The Road Glide comes with all the benefits that choosing any motorcycle from Harley does: a reputation for excellence in motorcycles that goes back a century. Because they are made by Harley you can count on a road-tough machine that won’t break down for a long time. All that plus unequaled performance on the long road ahead.

Used Harley Road Glide in Chicago

If you are looking for a used Harley Road Glide in Chicago, look no further than Chicago Cycles Motorsports. Riding motorcycles runs in our blood. We’ve been obsessed with motorcycles for a long time, and we love getting customers out riding the bike of their dream. When you come into the shop, you’ll feel like a member of the family, not just another number. Give us a call today at 708-397-5151.