Spring Motorcycle Maintenance

Now that the weather is finally warming up again, you can dust off your bike and hit the road once again! Your bike has likely been sitting for months on end, so you’ll want to give it a little bit of TLC before riding it. This will ensure that you have a smooth and safe ride every time you step onto your bike. Here are some spring motorcycle maintenance tips from our used motorcycle dealer in Chicago.

Check Your Brakes

Your brakes are arguably one of the most important aspects of a well-running bike. Inspect your brake pads, your brake lines and your brake fluid before you ride for the first time this spring. If you notice that your brake pads are worn down or there are cracked lines, you’ll want to get this fixed before you ride. Squeaking or squealing noises are also red flags that something is wrong with your brakes.

Check Oil and Fill the Gas Tank

The last thing that you want to do is ride your bike using the leftover gas that was in the tank. As a general rule of thumb, if gas is more than 6 weeks old, you don’t want to use it. The gas can evaporate and even turn thick if it is left for that long. Checking the oil is another easy thing to do that will have a large impact on how well your bike runs.

Evaluate the Tires

Flat tires will quickly put a damper on your ride before it truly begins. Check the air pressure in both of your tires before riding. If the pressure is too low, it will make handling your bike more difficult in addition to creating more wear and tear on your tires. Visit our used motorcycle dealer in Chicago if you need help with your tires!

Charge the Battery

Winters are long in Chicago, so your bike has probably spent a good amount of time in a closed off, dark space. If you hadn’t removed the battery before the winter started, you’ll want to charge it before riding.

Start Slow

It’s been a while since you last rode a motorcycle, so you don’t want to come out of the gate guns blazing. It is best to start with a casual ride around your neighborhood before getting into the tight turns and busy roads.

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