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There’s nothing quite like seeing the sun shine off newly restored chrome or the soft gleam of a clean and polished leather seat – bested only by the actual ride. However, no matter how much you love your bike, you may find it impossible to find the time to remove the dirt and grime accumulated over the months or years.

At Chicago Cycles Motorsports, we understand everyone is busy and precious spare time is often allocated to riding and mechanical maintenance, but probably not cleaning. That’s why we offer detailing services that meet your needs and will likely exceed your expectations. 

Years of riding your motorcycle takes a toll on the paint, chrome, and leather – and the overall appearance of your bike.  All that dust and gravel can slowly eat away at the finish, making your ride look worn – as well as susceptible to rust and deterioration. A thorough detailing service can reverse that damage and leave you loving your ride more than ever.

Detail Services for Your Used Harley Davidson in Elmhurst

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At CCM Rides, we take the time to remove the built-up dirt and grime, restoring the paint, chrome, and leather to its original luster.  We know you take pride in your ride, and we take pride in restoring every motorcycle to its original glory. 

We offer full detail and restoration services to accommodate all of your needs including paint restoration, chrome rejuvenation, engine detail and dress up, seating and luggage treatment, and full wash with air dry.

► Complete Paint Restoration

A complete paint restoration includes the removal of light scratches, smudges, oxidation, and staining from all painted surfaces, eliminating the signs of normal road wear from dust and dirt damage. Our 3-step system includes a compound buff, polish, and protective wax.

Any deep scratches or rust where the paint has been significantly damaged will be evaluated and a professional recommendation will be made to include the best options for repair. Only after receiving your approval will we do any touch-up painting or filling in. 

► Chrome Rejuvenation

The wheels will receive a pre-soak, followed by a thorough wash to get rid of all the loose dirt. The chrome rejuvenation process involves first removing all light surface rust, pitting, and scuffing on pipes and heat shields. Next we use an acid wash treatment to restore the original brilliance to the chrome on your wheels, engine, accessories, and trim. 

► Engine Detail and Dress Up

The engine detailing process involves a thorough degreasing and deep clean of the whole engine. We will follow up with chrome rejuvenation, as well as doing any necessary paint touch-ups using high-temp ceramic paint. Finally, we shine all the black surfaces to restore that new-bike appearance.

► Seating and Luggage Treatment

This treatment is great for seats, saddlebags, or storage pouches that are looking tired or faded. We clean and condition all the leather and vinyl surfaces with a restorative conditioner, reviving them to their original state.

► Full Wash and Air Dry

After the paint and chrome restorations and other treatments are all done, we use a neutral soap to thoroughly wash and clean your bike. Leaving all surfaces revived and immaculate, we allow your bike to dry au natural in the sun; once dry, we prepare it for delivery back to you.

Used Motorcycle Detailing Service in Chicago

Chicago Cycles Motorsports

Whether you’re searching for motorcycle detailing in Chicago, or you’re looking for a high-quality used bike, stop by Chicago Cycles Motorsports and get to know us. No one knows bikes like we do, and no one shares your passion for riding quite like us. From helping you find the perfect ride, to detailing the Harley your dad left you, we’re confident you’ll enjoy being  part of the CCM family. Reach out today by giving us a call – or just stop in and introduce yourself – we can’t wait to meet you!