►  Complete Paint Restoration

Completely remove any light scratches, swirl marks, paint oxidation and staining on entire painted surfaces

3-step paint cleaning system including compound buff, polishing, and protective wax

Any deep scratches where paint has been removed or damaged significantly will be evaluated on case-by-case basis, then after informing the customer on what is the best fix, paint can be touched up by filling in scratch with matching paint. Clear coated, then buffed smooth to blend in scratch to surrounding paint

►  Chrome Rejuvenation

Acid was any chrome surface to restore better than new luster to chrome wheels, parts, engine, and accessories

Remove any light surface rust and pitting along with boot or shoe scuffs on pipes or heat shields

►  Engine Detail and Dress Up

Along with chrome rejuvenation, replace any missing paint with high temp ceramic touch up paint.

Fully degrease the entire engine and deep clean engine area

Shine any black surface making like factory new

►  Seating and Luggage Treatment

Condition any seating surface, saddlebag or storage pouch with conditioner restoring factory new appearance to faded leather or vinyl.

►  Full Wash and Air Dry

Using a neutral soap to prevent any wax removal, fully wash after paint and chrome rejuvenation processes are completed

Air dry to ensure no new scratches are made

Remove wax and prepare for delivery

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