Safety Tips from Seasoned Riders

There’s no such thing as being too safe when it comes to riding a motorcycle. While experience helps you feel more confident while navigating the roads, accidents inevitably happen. In order to help minimize your chances of getting into an accident on your used Harley Davidson in Chicago, our team at Chicago Cycles Motorsports has compiled a list of tips from seasoned riders that can make a huge difference in your safety.

Ride with People You Trust

The motorcycle pack surrounding you on the road is extremely important in how comfortable you feel. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to gravitate towards people who are experienced so they can help show you the ropes. You should also ride with people who are a good example of how to ride safely; not showing off, always riding soberly, and able to handle any situation thrown their way, including bad weather!

Don’t Ride When You’re Tired

Riding your bike when you are tired is the equivalent of riding when you are intoxicated. Every rider should be aware of their riding limit. You should also make sure that you stop every 75-125 miles to stretch and eat something to regain your energy. Stepping off the bike is a great opportunity to refresh.

Have an Escape Route Planned

You always want to have an escape route planned when you are coming to a signal and stop. Plan to stay in gear and to keep an eye on the traffic that is approaching behind you. Leave enough room to switch lanes if push comes to shove.

Be Aware of Tight Turns

Taking a turn on a used Harley Davidson in Chicago is a lot different than taking a turn in a car. If you use all clutch or no clutch at all, this could lead to tipping your bike over when you are making turns. Feathering your clutch is the ideal way to have the right amount of momentum when you are making the turn.

Watch for Semi Trucks

The blind spot for a semi truck driver is a lot larger than a blind spot in a regular-sized vehicle. If you have to pass a semi truck, make sure that you do so efficiently so that you don’t spend too much time in the blind spot. These large trucks also produce more wind turbulence which can be dangerous to ride besides.

What are some of your favorite riding tips that you have learned throughout your experience?

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