Safely Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

The city of Chicago and its surrounding areas have been hit with a lot of heavy rain in the past few weeks, throwing a wrench in many peoples’ travel plans. Riding a used Harley Davidson in Chicago in the rain comes with its challenges, but it can be done if the rider has the knowledge of how to stay safe. Some motorcycle riders love riding in the rain while others can’t think of anything worse. If you aren’t currently a fan of riding in the rain, the following changes in your technique may make you realize it’s not so bad!

Beware of Puddles

When you see a puddle, you may think that it is small enough to safely ride over. But the truth is, you never know exactly what is underneath that puddle. For all you know, it could be a pothole that appears as a small puddle. Go around the puddle if traffic patterns allow you to do so. If you can’t avoid it, hold the throttle, keep your bike upright and don’t touch the brakes in any way.

Watch for Shiny, Smooth Surfaces

The rain instantly turns otherwise-safe parts of the road into potentially dangerous conditions. For example, painted lines on the road, manhole covers, tar snakes and metal plates become much more dangerous when they are wet. If you can’t avoid these surfaces, make sure to avoid sudden braking or acceleration.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

When the weather isn’t bad, you can easily accelerate, turn or shift at the same time while you are on your Used Harley Davidson in Chicago. But when the weather isn’t ideal, you’ll want to focus on doing only one action at a time. This will help reduce the stress on your tires and allow them to safely complete the task at hand.

Invest in Visible Waterproof Gear

Getting riding gear that is waterproof is important, but it’s even more important to find gear that is also reflective to help make yourself visible to other drivers around you. Keep in mind that rain makes it more difficult for other cars to see you as it is, so buying a reflective coat and accessories is an easy precaution to take.

Driving your motorcycle in the rain doesn’t have to be as scary or intimidating as you think! If you want more tips and tricks, contact our team at Chicago Cycles Motorsports today!

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