Riding For Every Season

One of the most exciting things about summertime is getting back on your bike. A lot of motorcyclists don’t ride during the harsh winter months, especially in Chicagoland, but even those who do relish the return of sunny 70 degree days and warm evenings.

It is no mystery that motorcyclists prefer summer to fall and winter riding. However, that doesn’t mean we can get away from preparing ourselves, and our bikes, for cooler weather.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Cooler Temps

Preparing for fall and winter means doing a little extra work on your bike. With temperature shifts comes tire pressure changes, different oil requirements, and battery failures.

Checking tire pressure in the winter and especially the fall, when temperatures change more drastically and frequently, is vital to staying safe on the road. When the temperature drops, so does tire pressure, and the opposite occurs when the temperature rises. Frequent tire pressure checks can prevent unnecessary wear on your tires, as well as protect against a flat. If you ride on tires with pressures that are either too low or too high, you increase the risks that come with improper tire inflation, such as handling mishaps and rough riding.

Checking your oil is an important part of mechanical maintenance for any vehicle, as is changing it. When the weather in Chicagoland starts to turn cool, it’s time for an oil change. Choose an oil that is better suited for colder temperatures to ensure your bike gets the proper lubrication and you don’t put unnecessary wear on your engine.

Finally, don’t forget to check your battery before the roads turn icy. Batteries have to work harder in the cold, no matter how new they are. Batteries don’t last forever, so it’s important to test yours before winter to make sure it’s going to remain reliable, especially if it’s a few years old. The last thing anyone wants is to turn the key in the ignition only to be met with silence, especially on a cold night when you are miles from home.

Quality Used Harley Motorcycles Near Elmhurst

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