Plan a Spring Motorcycle Road Trip

The sun is shining and birds are chirping once again in Chicago. Spring is finally here! Now is the perfect time to dust off your bike and plan an amazing road trip with your friends. Motorcycle road trips are a great bonding experience for everyone involved and they are also an opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather. Here are some tips from our team at CCM rides to help you enjoy your first spring road trip of 2019!

Make Sure You Have the Right Bike

The bike that you are driving makes all of the difference in your riding experience. If you’re in need of a different vehicle, check out what our team currently has in stock, including used Harley Sportsters in Chicago! Your bike should be comfortable and capable of carrying any necessary equipment or items that you need.

Perfect Your Position

You may not think about your riding position often, but it can make all of the difference in your comfort during the ride. The last thing you want is to get off your bike only to have a sore back or legs. If you don’t have a backrest, it is worth the investment to make yourself more comfortable. Adjust your handlebars as necessary as well.

Prepare for All Weather

It is the Midwest after all! You never know what the weather will be like. Changes in weather occur quickly and oftentimes without a ton of warning. If the skies open up and it begins to rain, make sure to have a change of clothes ready so that you don’t have to endure the rest of the ride soaking wet. Rain equipment should be well-ventilated and lightweight.

Wear Earplugs

Riding your bike on the highway is a lot louder than you may think, especially for long distances. Earplugs may not look the best, but they can help preserve your hearing during long road trips. Aim to wear them at least part of the time you are on the road.

Rest Up

Don’t underestimate the amount of sleep that you will need before and during a long motorcycle road trip. Riding for multiple hours at a time will take a toll on your body both physically and mentally.

Taking a spring road trip on a used Harley Sportster in Chicago is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Round up some of your friends and hit the road.

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