How to Plan a Great Motorcycle Trip

There’s nothing like seeing the world from atop a motorcycle. Road trips in cars can be fun too, but the open perspective, sense of freedom, and satisfying rush that comes from riding a motorcycle cross-country is definitely something special. We think every enthusiast should experience the deep satisfaction of a long-distance ride at least once. Here are some tips to help you plan a successful motorcycle trip.

Pick Your Destination

Sometimes the destination choice drives the trip, and sometimes the trip drives the destination choice. Maybe you want to travel to visit old friends or family—or maybe they’re coming with you, and you want to experience the ride together. Either way, you can’t start planning for an epic motorcycle trip without knowing the ultimate end-point.

Know Your Gas Mileage

The last thing you want to do is get stranded on the road with an empty gas tank. Even if your bike has a built-in tracking feature, it’s not a bad idea to manually check your gas mileage while riding closer to home. Determining out how many miles you can go before hitting empty is key.

Determine Your Route

Once you know where you want to go, how far your bike can go before needing a pit stop, start drawing out possible routes. We recommend plotting out a path that will allow you to take in scenery on the way, including some areas with twists and turns to keep things interesting. Remember to incorporate gas stops based on your bike’s needs.

Work Out Your Lodgings

Staying with friends? Kicking up your feet at a motel? Camping under the stars? If your trip lasts more than a day, you’ll want to decide where you’re bedding down at night. Try to find stops along your route that are bike-friendly, with a secure parking lot or storage, and won’t put you too far off your ideal route.

Pack For the Road

This is when things can get tricky. It’s important to have everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Overloading your bike can have negative consequences for your safety on the road, so make sure to consider weight distribution when packing. Make sure that your items are very securely attached to your bike—losing an item on the road wouldn’t just be a bummer, it could be extremely dangerous to yourself and others.

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