How to Clean Your Motorcycle

With the spring season in full swing, many people are making progress on their various spring-cleaning projects. If you haven’t had a chance to begin yours yet—don’t worry—there’s still plenty of time left before Summer. Today we’ll cover a few best practices when it comes to cleaning your motorcycle at home.

Things to Avoid

Don’t make the same mistakes that others have made before you! Before you get started, it’s important to make note of what NOT to do. Be sure to avoid:

– Cleaning products that aren’t designed for use on motorcycles or cars

– Working on your motorcycle while it’s still warm from use

– Using machines that expel high-pressure water or air

Washing Your Motorcycle

Unlike with cars, motorcycles can’t simply pass through the car wash. Cleaning your motorcycle properly involves a multi-step process:

Step 1

Use cool water to rinse loose dirt and debris from your motorcycle, carefully avoiding spraying water into the muffler outlet or electrical parts. For those sensitive areas, it’s better to use a sponge or soft cloth.

Step 2

Using a cloth or sponge, clean stubborn grime away from the plastic components of your bike using a solution of mild detergent and water.

Step 3

When you’re done cleaning your motorcycle, rinse lingering soap away with more cool water. Dry the bike using a soft cloth and then lubricate the chain.

Step 4

Start the engine. Let the motorcycle run for a few minutes and then carefully test the brakes before riding—you may need to pump them a few times for normal performance to return. The next time you ride, give yourself a longer stopping distance to ensure the brakes have returned to their typical responsiveness.

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