Group Motorcycle Riding Tips

There’s nothing quite as freeing as hopping onto your used Harley in Chicago and hitting the road with a group of friends. It creates an instant feeling of camaraderie between riders and you are able to make lifelong connections. Most group rides occur with riders who have a lot of experience, so you may feel intimidated when joining the group for the first time. Here are some tips from the team to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Prepare Yourself & Your Bike

Check over your bike before you head out on your adventure. Ensure that you have plenty of gas in your tank and that your bike is clean. If your bike has room, pack it with extra layers in case the weather unexpectedly changes. The last thing you want is to be left behind if you run out of gas or need to get more gear.

Position Yourself Strategically

When riding in a pack, experienced riders should always be in the front to lead the way. If you are less experienced, you can position yourself right behind the leader so you stay on pace. This way you won’t fall too far behind on the trip.

Don’t Focus Too Much on the Bike in Front of You

While you are riding in a group now, it is still important to be mindful of how you are riding. Basic training is important every time you are on the road, especially when surrounded by other riders. Also, make sure that you take turns mindfully and that the spacing between bikes stays consistent.

Be Mindful of When Single File is Necessary

In certain situations during your group ride, it will be necessary to ride in a single file so that the pack takes up less space. This is ideal when visibility decreases or when you are getting on and off the freeway.

Getting Through Intersections

Getting through intersections with such a large group can be difficult. As the light turns red, tighten the formation so the pack is taking up less space. Once the light turns green, the bike farthest to the left should go through the intersection first.

Riding your used Harley in Chicago in a pack is an exhilarating and meaningful experience! If you have questions about how to stay safe or if you need a new bike, contact our team at Chicago Cycles Motorsports today to get started.


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