Changing Your Motorcycle’s Tires

Without quality motorcycle tires, you would not be able to safely and efficiently get to your destination. Learning how to change your motorcycle’s tires on your own is a great skill to know in the case of an emergency. Both new and used motorcycles in Elmhurst will need a tire change at some point, so it is ideal that you know how to do so yourself. Here are some tips and instructions on how to change the tires on your motorcycle.

Remove Your Wheel

First and foremost, you’ll need to remove your tire(s) from your motorcycle frame. While every bike is different, there are general directions that you can follow to do this. Begin by lifting your motorcycle off of the ground and removing the axle so that the wheel is able to come off. You’ll need to have more than one person helping you in order for you to successfully do this. After the wheel is off, you’ll need to completely deflate the tire by removing the valve stem core from the valve stem.

Break the Bead

There is a bead that holds the tire to the rim. Depending on the type of tire that you have, you may be able to use a benchtop vise to break the bead. Otherwise, you will need a special bead breaker. Whatever you do, do not try to break the bead by beating on the tire with a hammer! This may cause irreversible damage. Once the bead is broken, start levering off the first side using tire spoons. Slide the spoon between the tire and the rim and grab the edge of the tire.

Inspect the Inside

You’ll need to inspect the inside of your tire for any rust or debris. Clean it using a wire brush or a cordless drill. Finally, you will carefully need to place the rim into your new tire. Make sure that the rim is not twisted or kinked, and reinstall the valve stem and inflate the tire until it sits against the rim. Before you take your motorcycle out for a test drive with your new tires, make sure that all fasteners are completely installed and tightened.

Customers often note that the hardest part of changing your tire is getting the tire off of the bike itself. If you need assistance changing your tire, or if you are looking for used motorcycles in Elmhurst, Chicago Cycles Motorsports is your one-stop shop! Contact us today with any questions you may have.