Best In Class: The Harley Sportster

The Harley Sportster

The iconic brand Harley Davidson has produced many fine motorcycles throughout the years. But, there is no doubt that some stand out more than others. The Harley Sportster is one line that stands apart.

What is it that elevates a motorcycle from run of the mill to excellent? Whatever the factors are, it seems that people universally appreciate great quality. Chicago Cycle Motorsports knows that’s why so many people choose a used Harley Sportster in Chicago. Here’s what makes the Harley Sportsters stand apart.

The Smooth Ride

The low center of gravity on the Harley Sportster coupled with an excellent frame and suspension geometry makes for an incredibly smooth ride. The bike is so responsive that you don’t need to spend too much energy leaning your weight to steer. The V-twin engine assures a comfortable and stable engine with a beautiful roar unique to Harleys.


Whatever you want out of your Harley Sportster, you can make it work. Thanks to the versatility of the bike, you can add almost any accessory you want without losing the beautiful aesthetic. A sport windshield, overnight rack bag, or leather saddlebags can all be added to give your Sportster its own look.


Everybody wants their bike to be envied and appreciated. The Harley Sportster has so much variety that it almost seems as if no two Harley Sportsters are ever the same. There are so many different models of the Harley Sportster to choose from. On top of that, you can add appearance accessories, safety accessories, or engine performance modifications.

Bottom line. Your bike will be unique to your preferences.

A Harley Sportster comes with all the amazing features of a Harley and so much more. Because it’s a Harley you know that the bike is built to the highest industry standards. But the Sportster stands apart even more with such excellent design.

Buy a Used Harley Sportster in Chicago

You don’t have to break the bank to buy a used Harley Sportster in Chicago. Buying a used Harley means getting outstanding quality for a fraction of the price. At Chicago Cycle Motorsports, motorcycles are our life. We’ve been in the motorcycle business for a long time and have a serious passion for bikes. You can rest assured when you buy a bike with us you’ll be treated like a member of the family. We love getting customers on bikes for great prices. Call today at 708-397-5151.