What Kind Of Riders Like A Harley Softail Bike?

What Kind of Riders Like a Harley Softail Bike?

In 1984, Harley Davidson came out with the Harley-Davidson FXST Softail. The introduction of the Softail was revolutionary. It was the first design to successfully blend the comfort of rear suspension with a classic chopper look. People who didn’t have the skills or experience to ride a classic Harley could now ride one. Today Harley Softails are among the most popular bikes for riders. And it’s not hard to find a used Harley Softail in Chicago.

But what makes the Softail so great? And what kind of riders is it good for?

We’re going to answer those questions in this article to help you decide on whether you should consider a used Harley Softail in Chicago.

The Harley Softail is great for pretty much any rider who loves the classic chopper look of an old Harley, but doesn’t like the bone-rattling ride associated with that look. Whether you use your motorcycle every day to commute, just for leisure rides, or you’re planning a long road trip, a used Harley Softail in Chicago could work great for you.

In addition to a more comfortable ride, Softails provide their riders better handling and the flexibility to have a similar feeling ride in both the city and the country.

If you’re wondering how a Harley Softail makes the ride so much more comfortable without sacrificing style, look no further than the hidden rear suspension. This innovative suspension system allows the bike to maintain the classic style without the classic discomfort. This enables its riders to ride in comfort for hundreds of miles.

So what kinds of riders don’t like a Harley Softail?

Sometime staunch traditionalists prefer the classic Harley. The classic Harley does have some advantages, though. Bikes that don’t have a Softail rear suspension are more affordable and simpler to maintain. Some riders also prefer what they say is superior feel for the road in a classic Harley without Softail suspension.

If you’re not sure which side of the fence you fall on, you can always take a test drive.

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