The Iconic Harley Davidson

The Iconic Harley Davidson

The name Harley Davidson has become synonymous with roaring, high-quality motorcycles. Harley Davidson reported this year that market share in the U.S. 601cc-plus segment was up to 51.3%. The Harley brand has managed to gain iconic status in the United States. We’ve created a guide to tell you how the motorcycle manufacturer, starting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1903 has become a global icon.

Harley Davidson Rise to Prominence

According to information on the Harley Davidson website, the timeline looks like this:

After original creation in 1903 Harley Davidson entered into racing production in 1914.

In 1918 half their motorcycles were sold for military use in World War I.

By 1922 their riders swept all eight National Championship races.

World War II caused civilian motorcycle production to plummet in response to a focus on military production.

In 1962 Harley Davidson begins manufacturing its own fiberglass pieces to keep up with the overall trend towards fiberglass motorcycles.

In the 1970’s Harley Davidson introduced the FX 1200 SuperGlide to satisfy customers’ desire to customize.

The history of Harley Davidson shows a willingness to adapt to the preferences of the customer. Harley Davidson was able to continue to manufacture products people wanted because they were tuned into changing customer preferences. Coupled with high performance in national racing, the brand began to gain national awareness.


Harley Davidson has done a great job positioning itself as an American brand that represents rugged individualism and a spirit of rebellion. Harley represents a lifestyle for customers and employees alike.

The brand has used this image to create a legion of extremely loyal customers.

Richard F. Teerlink, Harley’s chairman, said, “Most people can’t understand what would drive someone to profess his or her loyalty to our brand by tattooing our logo onto his or her body — or heart. My fellow employees and I understand completely. We also understand very clearly that this indescribable passion is a big part of what has driven and will continue to drive our growth.”

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