4 Facts About the Harley Davidson Street Series Bikes

4 Facts About the Harley Davidson Street Series Bikes

Harley Davidson introduced the Street series in 2014 as a new, low-cost option meant for the urban rider. The bikes in the Street series offer a distinctively different type of Harley than you’re used to seeing, while maintaining aspects of the signature Harley brand. If you’re looking for used Harley Davidson Street in Chicago, you’ll want to know a few facts about this special series of bikes.

Made for a New Generation of Riders

The picture that comes to your mind when you imagine a Harley is usually somewhere far from city limits on an open plain or in the mountains. Not so with the Harley Davidson Street 500, 750, or Street Rod.

The Harley Davidson Street series was introduced in 2014 to cater to a new audience of riders. These bikes are specifically engineered with the urban rider in mind. Slim profiles, narrow wheelbases, and special suspension help make these bikes ideal for zipping through city streets.

Positioned as an Entry-Level Bike

2017 Harley Davidson Street Series MSRPs

  • Street Rod: $8,999
  • 750 Street: $7,549
  • 500 Street: $6849

Keep in mind that these prices are MSRPs, and they’re for brand new 2017 bikes. You can get an even better deal for a used Harley Davidson Street in Chicago. One place that carries these bikes in Chicago is Chicago Cycles Motorsports.

Maintains the Harley Davidson Spirit

As we mentioned, the bikes aren’t your father’s Harley Davidsons, but they still have the signature guttural growl of a classic Harley. Harley made sure of this by specifically tuning the engine to replicate the sound and feel of Harleys of days past.


From custom seats and handlebars to various performance parts, you can seriously upgrade any one of the Street series bikes. They come as an entry-level bike, but with the right upgrades, you could turn your used Harley Davidson Street in Chicago into a high-performance monster.

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