5 Ways to Make Your Bike More Visible

When riding a motorcycle, visibility is paramount to your safety. Defensive driving is almost second nature to most drivers, but unfortunately, that usually means they are looking out for other cars and trucks. Motorcycles, because of their size, are simply not on most drivers’ radar. The more you can attract the attention of other drivers, the less likely you are to be involved in a collision. Here are five ways to help make your motorcycle more visible to other drivers:

1. Ride a Brightly Colored Motorcycle

Because motorcycles accelerate and decelerate faster than cars, and they are significantly smaller than other vehicles, they are both harder to see and more difficult to gauge distance from. Darkly colored bikes can exacerbate the problem, making them almost invisible to other drivers on the roadway. A bright color will significantly increase your visibility, meaning another driver might notice you a fraction of a second sooner – possibly saving your life. We have lots of brightly colored used motorcycles for sale near Elmhurst, IL!

2. Use Safety Tape and Wear High Visibility Gear

A motorcycle rider takes up almost as much visual space as the bike does. Therefore, what a rider wears is as important as the color of the motorcycle. This means that wearing a high-visibility jacket or helmet, like orange or yellow, will immediately draw the driver’s eyes instantly in the rider’s direction. This is also less of a commitment to neon colors than driving a brightly colored bike.

Using reflective tape automatically increases the visual footprint of your bike. Put it on the front of your forks, around your wheel rims, or on the edges of your panniers. It won’t do much good during the daytime but will be extremely helpful at night as each piece acts as an independent light source.

3. Stay Out of Blind Spots

Never position your motorcycle where a driver can’t see you without moving their head. They are called blind spots for a reason, and even though they can’t be avoided completely, adjusting your lane position to minimize this danger is vital to your safety.

4. Use Your Lights Wisely

If you need to draw attention to yourself, tapping your brakes will turn your brake light into a giant blinker. This works well for tailgaters and anyone who is following you who doesn’t seem to be paying attention. It also works to warn others who are riding with you of a dangerous road condition ahead.

Use your high beams during the day. It won’t upset other drivers, as the brightness isn’t as much of a contrast as it would be at night, and often that bright glimmer is all they need to notice you’re there.

Add auxiliary lights, as they provide similar benefits as reflective tape, but are visible even in the daytime. Add them to both the front and back of your bike and consider using a strobe on the back when stopping.

5. Use your Horn

Horns aren’t always used as a sign of aggravation – they can actually be quite useful to let someone know you’re there. This is especially true if a car is pulling out and hasn’t looked in your direction. A polite “beep, beep” often makes them look your way.

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